GOP has been taken over by extreme voices

May 28, 2012

As someone who was close to many Republican leaders in the past, it is sad to see what has become of that party. This country (and I mean this sincerely) needs a principled, reasonable and responsible Republican party. The Republican leadership today has allowed that party to be taken over by fringes. They have twisted themselves into such a pretzel on many issues, they stretch their credibility to lead.

Here are three examples of how the phoniness of the Republicans, led now by Mitt Romney, is exposed easily to make their credibility nonexistent.

One can't say President Barack Obama is "anti-capitalist" on the one hand and criticize the bank bailout on the other. That action saved that capitalist industry.

One can't say that President Obama's policies caused the high gasoline prices earlier this year and not say that Mr. Obama's policies have caused the price of gasoline to drop about 11 percent in May.

One cannot call Mr. Obama "anti-American" on the one hand and not congratulate the president for being directly involved in killing the biggest "anti-American" foreigner, Osama bin Laden.

Until the Republican leadership becomes a responsible grown-up, they will have tremendous difficulty gaining nationwide leadership.

Mel Mintz, Pikesville

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