So, what about Wieters?

May 26, 2012|By Dan Connolly

The Orioles likely will soon announce an extension with center fielder Adam Jones.

Nick Markakis got his extension in 2009 – and is locked up through 2014 and has a team option for 2015.

J.J. Hardyreceived his last year – and is also signed through 2014.

So what about catcher Matt Wieters, who arguably could be considered the club’s franchise player? When does he get an extension?

“I’m not worried about that now,” Wieters said. “I’m happy for Adam when it gets done, but at the same time we’re worried about playing right now.”

Truth is, even though Wieters has emerged as one of the club’s leaders, he’s still far away from free agency. He won’t get there until after the 2015 season. He doesn’t get to his first arbitration year until after this year.

Sure, the Orioles could try to find a deal that would take away those arbitration years and a couple free agent seasons, too. But I don’t see that happening yet.

Wieters’ agent, Scott Boras, seeks top value for his premium players. His elite clients usually don’t grab lesser, security-based deals that may limit their future earning potential.

So it would be a real surprise if Wieters entertained an extension right now or in the near future – while under club control for three and a half more seasons.

However, Wieters, ever the teammate, said he thinks the potential extension is great for the Orioles and Jones.

 “We’re moving in the right direction I think when we can get players like him to be here for a long time,” he said. “Adam has been a big part of this team for a few years now. It’s nice to keep guys around for longer as opposed to seeing them go elsewhere.”

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