Red Sox fan: Why isn't Baltimore turning out to watch its great baseball team?

May 26, 2012

I am a Red Sox fan (I now live in New England), by way of having been a Braves fan (they were the team of the deep South in the '70s) , by way of having been a Brooklyn Dodgers fan as a very young child (their enemy was the Yankees, and they hired Jackie Robinson).

I am a devoted Sox fan, and watch almost every Red Sox game on TV, unless I am at Fenway. It always seems weird to me to see a ballpark half full when I am used to Fenway full for every game. OK, there were lean times for theO'sin the past, but how can your city not come out to support the team this year? They are phenomenal, and they deserve much better.

I'm sorry, for my team's sake, that your team is so good this year, but they are really great and should be enthusiastically supported by their fan base. (Have you noticed that even when the Sox are in the tank, we still show up?) So get out there, Baltimore, and get behind your guys!

Oh, by the way, the goofy cartoon bird on the cap is so gross. The various lovely bird caps of previous years were much more handsome. This one is a joke on good players who deserve better.

Ann Hoefer

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