McDonough has the guts to tell the truth

May 26, 2012

I agree with Del Pat McDonough for telling it like it is ("Baltimore and bigotry," May 22). He is the only delegate who has the guts to tell the truth. He was just calling it as it was.

You have no right to get on him for that. Delegate McDonough didn't do anything wrong, the mob did. By the way, I didn't need anyone to tell me what color the mob was. I knew just by hearing the 911 tapes. It is amazing to me, when black people do bad things, The Sun will always blame it the other guy. And yes, if the mob was white, The Sun would have been all over it along with the mayor, police, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton. It would have been breaking news.

The mayor did not want this public because of the negative effect it would have on tourism for the harbor and the city. It also would not have helped with meeting her 10,000 newcomers to the city.

Then to read in Sundays paper that Dan Rodricks had a run-in with the knucklehead on a bike that came right at his face doing a wheelie. When is it going to stop?

I have family that live out of town and want to visit the harbor, and I advise them not to. My family and I haven't been down there for years with no plans to go.

Darlene McKinney

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