McDonough a victim of political correctness

May 25, 2012

Del. Pat McDonough is a profile in courage, a man of honor who believes in God, the Ten Commandments and the Constitution, who takes his job seriously, who recognizes crises and offers viable solutions. He is a man of character, principle and leadership ability. Yet The Sun has vilified such a man for calling black mobs black ("Baltimore and bigotry," May 18).

This exercise in malice belongs not to democracy but to classic Marxism, which identifies, marginalizes, and demonizes anyone who disagrees with it until no one is left. It is bullying on steroids.

The usual words, i.e. hate, racism, bigotry, bias, etc. are used so often and so out of context that they no longer have meaning.

Political "correctness" is not correct but a fraud used to silence people and force them to swallow any insult or abomination. How can any problem be solved without honest discussion and proper use of language?

Youths with no purpose in life exist in a void not of their own making. They riot because they can, because no one stops them. They have been deprived of meaningful education, discipline and faith, and emboldened by the hands-off attitude of the law. This is the result of permissiveness.

The seething monster of political correctness is growing, and the ground gets shakier. Until this monster is slain, progress is impossible.

Truth, reason, faith, and honor, are weeping. Ignorance is in charge, and it is not bliss.

Elizabeth Ward Nottrodt, Baltimore

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