Loyola goalie Jack Runkel relying on advice of his coach, a former All-American goalkeeper

Charley Toomey wants to make sure that sophomore has fun and doesn't feel need to make a boatload of saves

May 24, 2012|By Mike Preston

Loyola sophomore goalie Jack Runkel has been a pleasant surprise this season, starting 14 of 16 games. He is 14-1 and has a goals-against average of 7.75 and a .536 save percentage.

But on a team which has the best starting talent of the four semifinalists, how Runkel will hold up this weekend is the major question for the No. 1 seed Greyhounds, who will play No. 4 seed Notre Dame in a semifinal game on Saturday. Fortunately, Runkel has Charley Toomey as a head coach, a former All-American goalie at Loyola.

"Stay big, play big and track the ball," said Toomey of the advice he has given Runkel. "It's a game where you can't over-think it. You have to get in there, have fun. I'm not going to tell him to make the first save and the rest are going to be easy because it's not. You might give up the first three, but we might need you to make the next one. Go have fun. That's what he has done all year. It is really dependent upon our defense to give Runk a chance, to contest every shot, to get to gloves and to disrupt, Hopefully, it's not a game where we're asking him to make 15, 16 or 20 saves. Hopefully, it's a game where we're asking 10 to 12 saves at best and we'll live with that result."
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