Accessorize like a Raven with a Super Bowl ring

May 24, 2012|By Kevin Cowherd | The Baltimore Sun

Who doesn’t need more bling these days?

And what better way to impress your friends than flashing a genuine, diamond-studded Ravens Super Bowl XXXV ring?

Right now, it can be yours for a little more than $8,000. OK, maybe that’s not exactly a steal. But that’s the current bidding price at, where the ring is being auctioned.

Here’s the back-story, though: the ring doesn’t belong to a former player. The name “Dickson” is inscribed on it. But it doesn’t belong to current tight end Ed Dickson, who was still a kid when the Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2001.

As first reported by Baltimore Beatdown, the ring apparently belongs to Jeffrey H. Dickson, who spent six years as the personal driver for then-Ravens owner Art Modell.  Dickson sued Modell in 2003, claiming he was unjustly fired after taking time off for medical reasons.

According to a report in The Sun at the time, Dickson said he was taking a narcotic painkiller prescribed for a serious gum and sinus infection and was unable to drive Modell for a few days in July 2002. Dickson said he was fired by then-Ravens president David Modell soon after.

A Ravens spokesman said Thursday that Jeffrey Dickson was not on the list of Ravens personnel who received Super Bowl XXXV rings. Most likely, the ring was specially made and given to Dickson by Art Modell.

Great back-story. Nice ring.

If you can afford it.

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