McDonough deserves praise for speaking truth

May 24, 2012

I am a huge supporter of Pat McDonough and The Sun is ripping him apart for the truth he states ("Baltimore and bigotry," May 18). I read another article recently in your paper that now after Mr. McDonough brought this situation out in the open, MayorStephanie Rawlings-Blakeis going to add additional police officers to the area ("Mayor has a look as police presence rises in downtown," May 20). At least the city is now taking action by adding more police.

I will not go to the Inner Harbor area anymore — last time was about five years ago, and I know it's worse than it was then. I work in the Mt. Vernon area and was accosted by a black female about two years ago. The reason? She was calling out to me, "Hey, hey." I did not know this woman who caught up with me and grabbed me by the arm. I can't print what I said to her, but she let go of my arm real fast. I've had the window broken out of my vehicle twice when I worked in the Inner Harbor and parked near Digital Harbor High School, so I've been a victim of Baltimore City crime three times and anything Mr. McDonough can do to improve the situation is greatly appreciated.

We need more people to speak the truth, and I fully support my favorite Republican, Pat McDonough, and hope he never backs down from telling the truth. Former Police Commissioner Ed Norris knows we had a problem when he was in office (before the city railroaded him out — I wonder if it was due to his color), and since he is no longer in office it's only gotten worse. CommissionerFrederick H. Bealefeld IIIhas tried, but with the mayor and governor Maryland has, he took the high road and is leaving office.

Pat McDonough for president! He doesn't want to give illegals Maryland tuition rates either, so double-oorah for my man.

Ginny Phillips, Middle River

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