Smart meter hysteria

May 24, 2012

The irony of the current BGE Smart Meter controversy is delicious: Here's a publicly traded company that wants to use technology to improve its business, but conservative extremists are pleading with the government they hate so much to intercede ("Smart meters are dangerous," March 26). "Smaller government, less regulation!" they demand — except when they deem the regulation good and just.

Actually, I can see their point. If we allow BGE to install Smart Meters, our privacy will be compromised, right? Won't it just be the start of a slippery slope which could lead to other privacy invasions?

Next thing you know, Verizon will know when we're on the phone and when we aren't — and who we're talking with. And Comcast will know which television shows we watch, which movies we order and what political channels we view.

Before you know it, our Internet service providers will be tracking what websites we visit. And the websites will know our buying habits.

Oh wait. All of them already do that.

If only this whiny bunch realized how silly they sound.

Art Lapenotiere, Westminster

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