Engaged: Faith Deutschle & Jason Albert

For a couple that loves to be out on the town, a wedding celebration translates as a big, blow-out party for the guests.

  • Engaged: Faith Deutschle & Jason Albert
Engaged: Faith Deutschle & Jason Albert
May 24, 2012|By Sloane Brown, Special to The Baltimore Sun

Wedding Day: December 1, 2012

Her story: Faith Deutschle, 28, grew up in Dublin, Ohio, and now lives in Federal Hill. Her father, Jean Deutschle, is senior sales manager at Abbott Laboratories. Her mother, Marianne Deutschle is a pre-kindergarten teacher in Dublin. Deutschle is senior marketing consultant for LivingSocial.

His story: Jason Albert, 35, grew up in Manchester, Maryland, and now lives in Federal Hill. He is general manager at the Delia Foley's pub in Federal Hill. His father, Michael Albert, is deceased. His mother, Diana Albert, is a paralegal at William R. MacDonald Attorney at Law in Westminster.

Their story: They met in November 2009.

"The first night she saw me, I was working at MaGerks [Pub & Grill], and I had a little issue with someone who was a bit intoxicated," says Jason. "I had to get a little forceful with the guy. I guess she was kind of impressed, because the next time she saw me she came up to me and asked what happened.".

"I went up to him and started talking," says Faith. "We exchanged numbers. He called me and asked me if I wanted to go to a party. And we just hit if off."

When did they know something special was going on?

"We both say it was when we went to brunch the first time," Faith says. "Jason ordered a shot of Jameson, and I said, 'Where's mine?' We bonded over Jameson.

"We started dating and we realized how many mutual friends we had," she says. "Every time we were out, we'd run into mutual friends. Neither one of us was looking for a relationship, so we were both hesitant in putting on any labels. Then, one day we were out to dinner and friend asked, 'What's going on here?' We looked at each other and said, "We are boyfriend and girlfriend.' We've been virtually inseparable ever since."

Some of his interests became her interests. And vice versa.

"Jason's really into rock climbing," says Faith. "So, we just sort of started doing more and more outdoorsy things together, and our relationship just grew."

"She definitely got me more involved in politics," says Jason. "We're more involved in city politics, and community involvement.

Something they already had in common was a history on stage.

After graduating college with a theater degree, Faith came to Baltimore to visit her sister, Hope Deutschle, Under Armour senior marketing manager.

"I saw an audition for an off=Broadway show that was going to run at the Hippodrome, 'Awesome 80's Prom'," she says. "I decided I had nothing to lose, so I went and got a call the next week that I was in show. The show ran for about six months and that was plenty of time to fall in love with the city -- so I never left."

Meanwhile, Jason -- an accomplished guitarist -- toured the East Coast for a couple of years in the hard rock band, Malvado.

Each of them had also decided that chasing the dream of being a star wasn't all it was cracked up to be and were following other careers.

The proposal, Opening Day, April 5, 2012: "I actually had known that I wanted to marry her probably six months after we started dating," says Jason. "I guess I waited a while because I wanted to be patient with it and be sure that things would continue as well as they had.

"It was actually something I was supposed to do when we were going to spend an evening in DC -- have dinner at a nice restaurant and all this stuff. My work picked up and her work picked up and we weren't able to go. But, the ring had been sitting in my sock drawer since January. We went to Opening Day, and met up with a bunch of friends and had a great day out.".

"He never gave me any sign that anything was coming," Faith says. "We got home that evening and Jason said, 'Do you want to take [Kaya, their pitbull mix] on a walk with me?' We were sitting down near some railroad tracks. He's talking about how these trains could go anywhere and that it's kind of like life. And I'm thinking, 'Where's he going with this?' All of sudden, he was shaking. I thought something was wrong. He said, 'I've just wanted to do this for a really long time. ' And he pulled out the ring.

"I made the decision about five minutes before we went out for the walk," says Jason. "With our schedules, if I waited for the perfect night for a getaway, we'd have to wait for months."

The ring: "The only thing I knew was that she liked her mother's ring," says Jason, "and she didn't want me to spend a lot of money. She thought we could use the money in more important ways."

Jason says Faith's mother's ring was very classic, in yellow gold.

"I have a friend who owns a gold trading company, who called and told me, 'I just got this ring. It's beautiful, but it's from an estate and it's in yellow gold.' I said, 'That's interesting because that's what I was looking for.' It's a classic-looking ring with a princess cut diamond.'

The Wedding: "Our goal is to be about our guests, and not about us," says Faith.

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