Mike Preston: ESPN should keep microphones out of huddles at the lacrosse final four

May 23, 2012|By Mike Preston

ESPN tries to take lacrosse fans behind the scenes during its coverage, but hopefully this weekend the network keeps the microphones out of team huddles during the final four in Foxboro, Mass.

In may ways, ESPN is giving us more than we really want.

Last weekend, you heard a lot of foul language from coaches and some players because those microphones were open. A lot of times, coaches forget they're being recorded on live TV, and it can result in some embarassing moments. Some of the strong words that came from the coaches I disapprove off, but I also know that emotions run deep among players, coaches and officials.

There are times when emotions get the best of those involved in the game, but those moments inside a huddle don't need to be captured on TV, especially from 18- to 22-year-old men. 

I understand why ESPN goes "inside the huddle" in the NFL, because of the sheer nature of the game, but that same approach in lacrosse isn't necessary. I think what a coach says to his team or to a player is private, and we don't need to see every moment, especially in heated or emotional times.

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