Matte deserved a spot on the 175 athletes list

May 23, 2012

Helen Delich Bentley is right on point in criticizing the omission of Tom Matte from The Sun's historical list of outstanding Maryland athletes ("Tom Matte deserves spot on greatest list," May 15).

Anyone who's old enough to remember the Baltimore Colts' surprisingly successful season of 1965 despite injuries toJohnny Unitas and backup quarterback Gary Cuozzo recalls what it was like to root for an underdog team whose unlikely substitute quarterback, Mr. Matte, stepped up and led his teammates to victory in late-season games with plays that had to be written on his wrists.

Mr. Matte needs to be added to that list.

And by the way, Who knew that the Port of Baltimore's greatest cheerleader was also a football fan?

Alan Z. Forman, Baltimore

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