Bike lane near Lyric a danger

May 23, 2012

I enjoy biking short distances and am grateful that there are more bike lanes making it safer to ride on city streets. I also enjoy attending performances at the Modell Lyric, which has recently completed multi-million dollar renovations to efficiently accommodate a broader range of shows, including the recent return of grand opera.

Unfortunately the plan to run a bike lane on Mt. Royal Avenue directly in front of the Modell Lyric, taking one lane from the sidewalk and one lane from the street parking lane, will endanger and seriously undermine the ability to attend the Modell Lyric just at a time when it should be flourishing. The parking lane is essential for handicapped patrons, buses bringing groups to shows, purchasing tickets at the box office, visiting the business offices and especially for trucks delivering scenery at the loading dock.

Parking in front of this historic building is critical to the survival of a well loved institution. Other routes for the bike lane must be considered. One interest group cannot be accommodated at the expense of another. Bikers wouldn't want that. The special interest of elected officials is to serve all of their constituents. I am grateful that willingness, wisdom and good will govern, to redirect the bike lane so that what benefits one will benefit all.

Susan Macfarlane, Baltimore

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