Streamline the state legislature

May 22, 2012

Reading about the recently-concluded special session gave me an idea ("O'Malley faces political risks of tax increases," May 17). Seeing as how this session was called only after Gov. Martin O'Malley, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller and House Speaker Michael E. Busch sat down and drew up what they wanted the budget to be and then called in the Maryland General Assembly to rubber stamp it, why not do away with the 90-day regular session we have been having every year?

Then, Governor O'Malley, Senator Miller, and Delegate Busch can just get together and decide what they want in the way of tax increases, fees, increased fines, increased tolls, expanded gambling, etc. and call a special session two or three times a year for two or three days at a time so the legislature can rubber stamp their desires. Think of how much money that would save. Plus, we wouldn't have to have all the rhetoric, debates, or filibusters to slow down the process.

If they wanted to save even more money, perhaps we could forget calling special sessions and just have the General Assembly members vote on the Internet. Same results and cheaper still. And the Democrats in the State House wouldn't take the risk of looking bad for being forced to come back to Annapolis when they couldn't get things done in the 90 days allotted the regular session.

David Gosey, Towson

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