Baltimore County makes damaging cuts to Medicaid program

May 22, 2012

Either County Councilman David Marks and county Chief of Staff Don Mohler are untruthful or they are sadly misinformed about the Baltimore County budget ("Balto. Co. Council poised to adopt 'bare-bones budget,'" May 17). The county is laying off the entire staff of the Medicaid Waiver Program.

This is a program committed to keeping the elderly who qualify for nursing home care in their own homes or those of relatives. Instead of retaining the current staff, the case management responsibilities will be farmed out to temp agencies.

Continuity of care is crucial to these clients, yet now a revolving door of caseworkers will check off boxes on a form and be gone regardless of the clients' needs. It is unfortunate that the county and its officials are not honest about the status of these employees' future.

Rosemary Catalana, Towson

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