Helen Delich Bentley's name fumbled at event honoring her

(Candus Thomson/Baltimore…)
May 22, 2012|Candus Thomson | The Baltimore Sun

Helen Delich Bentley served five terms in Congress, was chairwoman of the Federal Maritime Commission and has the Port of Baltimore named for her.

So you’d think that at the National Maritime Day celebration last Saturday (5/19) in Baltimore everybody would be on board with that chunk of information, right David Matsuda?

Not quite. The head of the U.S. Maritime Administration called her, “Helen Detrick Bentley,” before handing off to his boss, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who entered Congress in 1995, the year Bentley departed.

LaHood played it safe, dropping Bentley’s maiden name but calling it “Helen Bentley Baltimore Harbor.”

Bentley’s reaction was a slight wince both times.

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