Cherished honor


The Al Cesky Scholarship has become one of the most coveted awards a high school senior can receive in Harford County and for good reason. Since its inception in 1985, the program has recognized the balance between academics and extracurricular activities, and those who have received Cesky Scholarships have not only embodied that balance, they have excelled in academics and athletics. Every one of them has truly been a scholar-athlete.

The Cesky Scholarship is for young people who attend Harford County schools and who have demonstrated at a young age they are gratified to be members of the Harford County community. While it's true the overwhelming majority of Cesky scholars go off to college and some eventually settle somewhere far away, we think most of us can agree these folks have already made a significant contribution to their home county even before they leave high school. That many choose to return and spend their adult lives in Harford is a compliment to them, their families and the support they have received from many fine community programs like the Cesky Scholarships.

Last Wednesday, the Cesky program held its 27th annual scholarship banquet honoring 24 young men and young women from 12 Harford public and private schools. Each school's faculty chose a boy and girl to represent it, and while neither of them has to be the best athlete or the best student in the school, it's long been a given that those who are invited to the banquet have shown they are very good athletes and excellent students, too.

This year's top scholarship winners were Danielle King, of C. Milton Wright High School, and Hunter Bachman, of Aberdeen High School. Hunter was especially proud to become the first AHS student to win the top Cesky scholarship. Danielle and Hunter each received $5,000 scholarships, while the other 22 finalists received $2,000. All 24 join an elite group of alumni.

Through the years, the men and women who conceived and who organize and run the Al Cesky Scholarship Program each year have more than exceeded their original goal of honoring the memory of Mr. Cesky and what he stood for as a teacher, mentor and athletic coach. The program has become an institution in and of itself, worthy of the man for whom it is named.

Mr. Cesky would be indeed proud of his "kids," those hundreds who have earned the honor of being an Al Cesky Scholar

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