'The Bachelor' casting call in Baltimore: Are you eligible?

You may think you have what it takes, but have you changed out the (many) rules?

  • Craig Sjodin, ABC
Craig Sjodin, ABC
May 22, 2012|By Jaclyn Peiser

With “The Bachelor” casting call coming up at McHenry Row on June 28, here are a few tips to help you decide if being on the show is right for you.

Men and women of ages 21 and older are encouraged to attend the event. But let’s get real, not everyone is encouraged to show up.

ABC and Warner Bros. have a list of 23 eligibility requirements and here are some things to consider before applying for the show:

Am I a convicted felon? Have I been issued a restraining order in the past or am currently issued one? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions … don’t bother showing up. It’s not only in your best interest, but also in the interest of the potential bachelor of bachelorette. Yes, it would be great TV if one of the contestants was a stalker in his or her past, but the safety of the bachelor/bachelorette is more important … right? 

Well, that could be questioned since one of the eligibility requirements asks potential contestants to literally risk their lives for love. In every season of the ABC show, the bachelor/bachelorette takes his or her dates on some risk-taking, life-changing, extreme-adventure dates. So basically, you will have to sign a form saying you are okay with risking you life for a date; and if you die or get hurt, ABC is not responsible.

Also, if you are married, in the process of a divorce or an annulment, in a serious, monogamous relationship, or are even remotely attracted to anyone at the moment … just don’t go. It creates some great drama when the bachelorette finds out that a man she was falling for already had someone at home, but I guess the producers are starting to care more about her feelings.

Now, if you are lucky enough to make it as a semi-finalist, be prepared to undergo a physical and psychological evaluation in order to “meet all physical and psychological requirements, as set by Producer in its sole discretion.” It’s obvious ABC doesn’t want any fat or crazy people stealing the  bachelor/bachelorette’s heart.

Also, applicants should have a flexible schedule that allows them to travel within a six-month period. This one should really narrow it down a bit. Basically, the people who fall into this category are crazy rich or dumb for considering leaving a decent job.

Interested individuals should also be social and cooperative since, according to the contract, you have to be totally OK with living with strangers who are also fighting for the love of the bachelor/bachelorette. In addition, if chosen to be the leading man or woman, he or she should agree to being taped 24 hours a day, seven days a week via cameramen or hidden camera. And, you have to be OK with the fact that they can use any of that footage.

Make sure you have a good credit history because if you don’t, ABC will know about it. By signing the eligibility requirements, the applicant is subject to a full background check. So get rid of those skeletons in the closet because they will be coming out whether you want them to or not.

And finally, and most importantly — well more random than important — if you are running for a political office, don’t even think twice about applying. It is strictly prohibited. 

For further information and details on the eligibility requirements visit http://casting.bachelor.warnerbros.com/web/eligibility.jsp

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