Special session rewards politicians for bad behavior

May 21, 2012

Do I understand this correctly? We, the people of Maryland, paid for hotels and meals for our representatives in Annapolis because they failed to do the job of passing a reasonable budget and had to meet in special sessions to prevent fiscal "Doomsday." So, we reward them by treating them to hotel stays and the cost of meals and libation throughout the duration?

Don't they all live in our state? Why couldn't they just drive their cars or take public transportation? Most other job holders do commute to and from work, and many bring their own lunches. Instead of putting these people up in comfort, we should be firing them for non-performance.

The First Amendment to the Constitution grants Freedom of the Press because a well-run democracy requires an informed public. We are being short-changed by our elected officials and the media. I'd like The Sun to publish the expense account reports of everyone who was compensated while attending these budget sessions. Maybe we should transport all of them out of Annapolis in November.

Susan Wolf Dudley

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