O'Malley is Obama's mini-me

May 21, 2012

If the slogan "Maryland is America in miniature" is still relevant, it spells trouble for us by today's standards. What a double whammy. Our president and our governor. They are both two of a kind, and that means trouble for most of us. Talk about fiscal irresponsibility, these two should be the poster boy twins!

Forget about the political affiliation, but look at the identical behavior. While the Obama-led Congress has yet to submit a budget, our boy, Gov. martin O'Malley has orchestrated a cliff hanging thriller that he hopes will make him look like he's the second coming, like that other guy we know! Doomsday budget? Political courage? What a scam! He's a lame duck who's trying to save his political skin!

I guess all of the law abiding citizens of Maryland are expected to just stand by and let him have his way with us and our state! He has invested, without authorization, "our" futures in "his" Casa de Maryland. Now he has to try to "jerry rig" this "illegal" line jumping group into our tax payers funded budget? What a farce!

Oh, and then, on second thought, what about the schools, our infrastructure? Obviously, the illegals are higher on "his" list! Forget about the fact that a large number of illegals are being paid tax refunds for more earnings than they report on their tax returns! What a country!

Also, remember that under his partner in crime's health care plan, these same people will be leeching off government resources (dollars and services), and we will now have them clogging up our medical system, causing long waits and unacceptable delays in delivering "our" health care. These payouts in tax dollars and health care services by federal and state agencies will now be under more financial pressure than ever before!

And yet, on a national and local scale, illegal immigration is encouraged! President Obama will look the other way when they illegally cross over the border, that's pretty much a given. Just ask the governor of Arizona . As for our boy? Governor O'Malley will turn on the welcome sign, shepherding them here. As taxpayers, we don't have a chance with this tag team combination. Oh, but wait, there may be an O'Malley in our political future. Sadly, however, Father O'Malley it's not!

Richard LaCourse, Forest Hill

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