At Preakness 2012, finding luck at the betting window

First-time bettor turns $100 into $700, he says

  • The betting window in the infield.
The betting window in the infield. (Hanah Cho, The Baltimore…)
May 19, 2012|By Hanah Cho, The Baltimore Sun

Jeremy Gardner is getting lucky with first-time horse gambles, and he isn't planning to stop anytime soon. 

Gardner, who recently moved to Baltimore with his fiancée Tracey Richter fromLlos Angeles, turned $100 in bets into $700 in wins by 2 p.m.

"I'm going to bet until it's gone," he said giddily. "I'm only betting on the long shots."

"I'm having so much fun," he added as he waited to make more bets at the infield windows. 

A steady stream of bettors put down cash at the open windows, next to a tent sponsored by The Daily Racing Form and

Gamblers screamed and egged on their horses as they watched a race on two large-screen televisions.

When the race ended, some high-fived each other while losers threw away their tickets. 

Jeremy Plonk, owner of said this was the third year that the website has sponsored an infield tent, whose presence has grown over the years. 

He expects to see 5,000 people visit the tent where his staff educated first-time gamblers on the intricacies of making a bet. 

"Our goal is to teach people how to make a bet and handicap races so that it's a more fun experience," Plonk said. 

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