Preakness 2012 becomes bride-to-be's bachelorette party

Paige Tanner of Lancaster, Pa. sees threats to her garter

  • Bride-to-be Paige Tanner, 24, celebrates her bachelorette party at Preakness.
Bride-to-be Paige Tanner, 24, celebrates her bachelorette… (By Alison Knezevich, The…)
May 19, 2012|By Alison Knezevich, The Baltimore Sun

Paige Tanner of Lancaster, Pa. reveled in the infield Saturday celebrating her first Preakness -- and her last few months as a single woman.

The 24-year-old, whose wedding is set for July, reunited with her girlfriends from Elizabethtown College for a bachelorette party at Pimlico. 

Her bridal tiara and garter drew lots of attention from the infield crowds, Tanner said.

"I've had two or three people take the garter off with their teeth," said Tanner, whose friends were all dressed in pink.

Her maid of honor, Kathy Perry, thought the event would make for a better version of the typical bachelorette celebration. Perry had been to Preakness before, and "she knew how awesome it was," Tanner said.

"Everybody's so happy everywhere, and it's just a full day of fun," said Perry, 24, who lives in Richmond, Va.

Tanner said she wasn't the only one taking part in pre-wedding revelry at the race. She also saw another bride-to-be, and a few bachelor parties.

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