Black-Eyed Susans for sale at Preakness 2012

Preakness 2012 official beverage makes appearance at infield, grandstand

May 19, 2012|By Yvonne Wenger, The Baltimore Sun

"Black-Eyed Susans! Get 'em here!" Emanuel Sabedra shouted inside the front gates, above the excited throngs and circling planes and buzzing engines of golf carts zipping by.

Sabedra, dressed in maroon and gold jockey shirt, has been hawking the $9 cocktails at Preakness for 12 years.

By 11 a.m., he had sold five racks of 24.

Butch Hoppe, a 24-year-old trucking company owner, had his first taste of the Preakness staple.

"It's alright," he said. "I got it for the souvenir cup more than the drink."

Hoppe was up visiting friends from Phoenix, Ariz.

His goal: "Enjoying the party, another life experience," he said.

Jolene Allen, a 40-year-old consultant from Federal Hill, was back for her fourth time. She was dressed to the nines in a blue Calvin Klein dress, matching blue toenail polish and a big, floppy black hat. Allen and her friends clinked their Black-Eyed Susan glasses to start the day.

"Cheers," they said.

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