Preakness 2012 features high-end portable toilets

May 19, 2012|By Hanah Cho, The Baltimore Sun

Inside one of the nicer portable toilets in the Preakness Infield, Christine Johnson cleaned up and attended to the ladies using the restroom Saturday.

The 50-year-old Baltimore resident said she lucked out in getting assigned to one of the three restroom facilities at the turfside terrace, where patrons pay a premium for a gourmet luncheon, beer and wine.

Her facility featured air conditioning as well as five stalls and a granite-textured, three-sink basin. Johnson described it as the Cadillac of portable toilets, usually known as a one-person station without any amenities, let alone ventilation.

Johnson, a worker hired by Pritchard Sports and Entertainment, has worked at the Preakness during the last two years, usually on clean-up duty. This year, she snagged the bathroom assignment, where ladies offered her generous tips, throwing in change and dollar bills in a plastic cup.

"I'm blessed to have this position today," said Johnson, who also worked Friday and will work Sunday for minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. "The ladies are so nice and they have the prettiest hats."

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