Salisbury cruising through season

Sea Gulls' perfect record includes an average margin of victory of more than 13 goals this season

May 17, 2012|By Edward Lee

Salisbury’s march to Sunday’s NCAA tournament semifinal against Stevenson includes a 21-0 record that has come with relative ease. Of those 21 wins, only two have been decided by four goals or less, and both were against the Mustangs. The Sea Gulls’ average margin of victory is 13.1 goals.

Competing in close games can build a team’s resolve, but coach Jim Berkman said he’s not worried about testing his players’ mental toughness.

“At this point, you don’t care how you win. You just win,” he said Thursday morning. “Obviously, if you win by eight or ten or if you’re fortunate like we were in last year’s championship to win by twelve, you’re not going to worry about it right now. You don’t need to have a close game right now. You take it one game at a time, you hope you play well, and you hope you have one more than your opponent. If you do, that’s great because everybody is pretty good at this point.”

Salisbury has outscored Goucher and Cabrini by a combined total of 26-8 in two NCAA tournament games. Berkman said the team is playing as well as it has this season.

“I think our defense is playing a little bit better than they did,” he said. “We’ve been really locking people down and not giving up many goals over the last seven or eight games. So the defense is playing real well. Offensively, we seem to play in spurts. We seem to play real well for a period of time and then not-so-well for a period. So hopefully, we’ll have a little bit more consistency on offense as we move forward.”

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