Happy 175th anniversary, Baltimore Sun

May 17, 2012

Congratulations to everyone associated with The Sun on the occasion of your 175th anniversary. It is hard to fathom just how much different life was, how much different the world was, when Arunah S. Abell launched the newspaper on May 17, 1837. Michigan had just joined the union as the 26th state. The first game of baseball would not be played for another eight years. Technology that would revolutionize your industry — Mergenthaler's Linotype — would not be invented (in Baltimore) for another 49 years, yet decades ago it was relegated to obsolescence.

What has not changed is that day in and day out, generations of management and staff at The Sun have been here to chronicle our news, events and trends, to spur discourse on the important issues of the day, and to hold those in power accountable. Light for All.

Thank you and many happy returns.

Mark S. Furst, Baltimore

The writer is president and CEO of United Way of Central Maryland.

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