Supermarkets should concentrate on selling food, not liquor

May 17, 2012

Your recent editorial expressed the view that "the ban on grocery store sales of alcohol has one purpose — preventing competition, to the benefit of existing retailers and to the detriment of consumers" ("Liquor and capitalism," May 14). Yet it also has the effect of de-emphasizing liquor to families shopping for food with hard-earned dollars.

All the dollars, time and effort devoted to learning about, tasting, shipping, buying and imbibing alcohol may someday be directed toward more important things, such as wholesome food, good conversation, outdoor activities and the arts — and even reading newspapers.

Wouldn't the world be better off without liquor? Couldn't we do without barroom brawls, shootings, public urination, property damage, high school and college binges, drunken drivers, domestic violence fueled by drinking and all the other sordid behavior liquor brings to our communities?

I'm all for Wegmans, Giant and all the other food markets staying focused on selling food. The less liquor available, the better.

Judy Chernak, Pikesville

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