A prayer for understanding from churches

May 17, 2012

Pastors are charged with the heavy responsibility of leading His people to experience God's saving grace. We must fervently defend God's word with strength and humility. Our burden is light because we are powerless. All the power in this world derives from God's love.

I am moved to pray to truly know God's law. In Leviticus 20:22 God teaches us to obey his law. Every pastor has read the Bible's 12 passages with terms commonly identified with homosexuality. I pray we learn to love to learn the contextual truths of the Bible. I praise Jesus for abolishing the common practice of keeping catamites. I pray we choose to travel to the Holy Lands to witness the fervent homophobia that still exists there today.

So many of us are victims of what we were wrongly taught. I pray God will move the church leaders to provide comfort and healing for each other. So many of us need a brother or sister in Christ to be with as we struggle through this transition into a new reality of understanding and forgiveness. So many of us need God's healing power now more than ever.

I pray our hearts turn and we stop using Your word to divide Your Kingdom. I pray the gay community forgives us. I pray our children lovingly challenge us to evolve. If we resist change, I pray our flocks deem us unfit to minister to them. I pray they leave our churches and select communities that truly live for Jesus. I pray for natural selection.

Bill Stevenson, Durham, N.C.

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