Comcast launches "Xfinity Home" in Maryland today

  • Comcast Xfinity Home's offering includes this touchpad control center for home security and other control automation.
Comcast Xfinity Home's offering includes this touchpad… (Comcast )
May 17, 2012|Gus G. Sentementes

If you're transfixed by the idea of a "smart home," Comcast today is launching a new product in Maryland that can help you control your home at the touch of a touch screen, iPhone or iPad.

The company is rolling out its Xfinity Home package in Baltimore and other areas around Maryland. It's a system that integrates a home security system with other monitoring, control and automation features, such as remote climate and lighting control.

To get a feel for the offering, check out:

Among the features:

* Full home security system, for your windows, doors, etc., plus cameras that you can view and operate remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

* An in-home touchscreen that you can stick in your wall or carry with you around the house, to control your house.

* Remote climate control. Forget to turn the heat down while you're on vacation? Check into your home and adjust it from anywhere in the world.

* Video monitoring: web-enabled cameras can give you eyes-in-your-house from whereever you are in the world.

Comcast executives tell me more advancements are planned for the service, including some tighter integration with Comcast's media offerings, i.e. DVR, cable, etc.

The price?

For new and existing Comcast customers, its 39.95 a month (you must have a Comcast broadband Internet connection).

If you're a "Triple Play" customer, your first year is 29.95 a month.

I'll be writing more about Comcast and other competitors' "smart home" offerings in the coming days. It's a crowded field.

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