Reimer is right: 'Julia' is no a role-model

May 16, 2012

Thank you to Susan Reimer for writing about the president's re-election campaign's fictional "Julia" ("Obama may wish he didn't know 'Julia,'" May 14).

Ms. Reimer often writes about her own husband and while I don't know him, I get the impression that he gets up every morning working to pay the mortgage, go on vacation and have some money left over for family parties, maybe even some for himself. Ms. Reimer writes as a working mother who also spends a lot of energy on volunteer efforts. I don't get the idea that she expects the federal government or the state government to do anything for her and that she and her family use their own common sense.

All I want to do is to say thank you. Thank you for telling your daughters' friends what life will be like under a Democrat. It's amusing to me that President Barack Obama's campaign is focusing on the life of a dependent woman personifying a whole generation and culture of people who have been lied to and tricked into submission. Hilary Rosen talked about the phony war on women. I say, no, the war on women is not phony. The war on woman has been waged by Margaret Sanger, Armand Hammer, Planned Parenthood, NOW and many other groups who will not give women choices in opposition to their own.

Dolores Orlando, Towson

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