Knish it up: Jewish Museum hosts lecture on the knish

May 16, 2012|By Richard Gorelick

On Sunday, in conjunction with its ongoing exhbition Chosen Food: Cuisine, Culture, and American Jewish Identity, the Jewish Museum will present "Knish History 101: Life and Times of the Knish" a lecture by Laura Siilver titled 

Silver will tell everyone all about the knish, that lovable, humble stuffed hunk of dough. Guests are invited to show up with their knish memories, recipes and recollections and listen to knish tales from the Midwest, the Lower East SIde and the Polish town of Knyszyn, where Silver traces her roots. The event will include a tasting with knisheses from local delicatessens.

Pictures: Chosen Food: Cuisine, Culture and American Jewish Identity at the Jewish Museum of Maryland

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