New events startup debuts in Baltimore: Marvilent

  • New Baltimore event firm, Marvilent, launches to deliver adventure and social events for people looking for a good time.
New Baltimore event firm, Marvilent, launches to deliver adventure…
May 16, 2012|Gus G. Sentementes

The two guys behind Marvilent are hoping that Baltimoreans will want to break out of the weekend routines -- yard work, house cleaning or sitting at the bar all day -- and do something fun and active.

Michael Lopez and his partner, Evan Klein, recently launched, a web-based business where they organize adventure and social events, negotiate nice discounts, and pass on the savings to people looking for a good time.

They're entering a space that we've seen recently a stampede in by such larger daily deal discounters, such as LivingSocial and Groupon. LivingSocial has its own dedicated site, called LivingSocialAdventures.

But Marvilent plans to laser-focus on crafting 15 or more adventure/social outing packages for the Baltimore market, and they plan to build unique experiences around them.

For instance, for their first event, they're offering a ziplining activity, followed by a "pirateering" adventure. Participants board a bus that takes them to ziplining at Terrapin Adventures in Savage Mill, and then return to Fells Point in Baltimore for a cruise on that pirate ship you see docked there by Bonaparte bakery on the waterfront.

Personally, a wine tour and catered lunch is more my speed -- Marvilent has one in the works.

But creating and hosting events is only half their business model. Lopez and Klein are also enabling people to market themselves on the site and organize their own events, which Marvilent would promote and sell tickets to.

So how do they make money? Lopez tells me their revenue model is to negotiate for group discounts, pass on savings to customers, and keep a percentage for themselves. With the events hosted by individuals, Marvilent would tack on a small service fee to tickets sold -- for instance, if you're a musician looking to promote a house concert, you can do so through Marvilent.

Right now, their startup is bootstrapped (self-funded) and they haven't yet quit their jobs as salesmen. But they have big plans for the site, including a revamped and more "social" website.

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