Tiger wants faster play? Where's he been?

May 15, 2012|By Kevin Cowherd | The Baltimore Sun

Tiger Woods, welcome to my world.

You say the PGA Tour needs to speed up the pace of play? Try playing a round of golf on the weekend on the kind of courses where hackers like me play. By the third hole, when the course is backed up like the JFX during the morning rush hour, your head will be ready to explode.

Under six hours? Not a chance. You might as well pitch a tent -- you'll be there all day.

Everyone's talking about all the waggles Kevin Na broke out during The Players Championship last weekend.

But that's nothing compared to what your average hacker sees out on the course. The list of time-killing sins is endless: golfers taking five and six practice swings on every shot, golfers studying putts forever, golfers standing over putts for what seems like hours before pulling the trigger, golfers standing around talking or watching another golfer in their foursome instead of moving to their own ball and getting ready for the next shot -- oh, I could go on and on. 

But I won't. Doesn't do any good. Pace of play has been killing recreational golf for years. 

Tiger's moaning because Tour rounds keep getting longer and longer? And he wants to see players penalized with strokes and stiff fines for slow play?

Sounds good to me. Maybe that'll help the Tour. But it's probably not going to speed up play in HackerWorld, where the vast majority of us play.

No wonder I don't play nearly as much as I used to.

Don't have the time anymore.

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