Obama is not going to hell for gay marriage stance

May 15, 2012

In response to the letter from Fred D. Murray of Pikesville ("God will punish President Obama for endorsing same-sex marriage," May 12): No Fred, President Barack Obama will not go to hell for accepting same-sex marriage, because there is no hell. Actually, there is no heaven or a god to run the place!

Gods were created by the human mind to placate the fears of the cave dwellers who were scared to death about lightning, thunder and floods. The idea of controlling groups of people caught on and continues today for the convenience of folks in high places.

God the Father did not write one single word about how to live. His son must have been illiterate because he was in a human body and did not leave any notes for his followers. How convenient to have the power to inspire. Well, I am as inspired, sitting at my keyboard, as any of the gospel writers and the crop of theologians who penned God's words. I have a mind and feel as spiritual as any believer.

Having said that, how do you think a nonbeliever should react to someone who says that our president is going to pay for his decision, when the person is quoting a man-made book, and using a fictitious source? I can't decide to go into a rage or have real compassion for religious naivete. However, I will not sit by and let these uninformed folks get away with it.

This is the 21st century and we are not afraid of lightning and thunder anymore. Some of us must challenge the ideas in our religious community. They no longer have the freedom of "faithful following" without factual evidence as a backup. Homosexuals are a reality. They will not go away because some book or scroll that a human wrote says otherwise.

John Holter, Baltimore

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