Metal theft damages reach into the tens of thousands of dollars

May 15, 2012|By Peter Hermann

As discussed on Monday, Baltimore County police announced a task force to combat the growing problem of metals theft. The Sun's Arthur Hirsch writes about the new program, and some other unique ways to go after the thieves.

Baltimore Gas and Electric is going to start painting its copper wires lime green, so that when they show up at recycling plants, the person behind the counter will know they're stolen and not offer money. Thieves stole so much BGE wire earlier this year that it knocked out power to homes in Essex.

The announcement comees after county cops used GPS to track two thieves after they failed to boost a large lawn ornament from outside a home in Pikesville. And homeowners in Ruxton and in North Baltimore's Homeland neighborhood reported a spate of copper gutter thefts.

Read Arthur's story here. The story includes information on arrests of two suspects in recent metal thefts.

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