Letter: Owners of The Colony in Towson don't deserve increase in zoning

Letters to the Editor

May 15, 2012

I would like to thank Councilman David Marks, the Greater Towson Council of Community Associations, the West Towson Community Association, Nancy Hafford and Scott Jenkins for their assistance in stopping the proposed increase in density at The Colony at Kenilworth.

Aimco, the owners of The Colony, have consistently refused to maintain their property in a way that is conducive to comfortable living in Baltimore County.

They have refused, until just recently, to communicate and cooperate with Towson University's Student Life organizations to help control their large student population. They declined to participate in a Task Force organized by Mr. Marks to address the friction among residents, landlords and universities.

There were 342 police calls to the property from April 2010 until April 2012. One of those calls described a riot of more than 750 people. If this were any other business, their doors would have been padlocked long ago.

Mr. Marks raised a zoning issue, with no increase in density to, at least, bring Aimco in to discuss the community's concerns.

They, however, took the opportunity to request a change that more than doubles the allowed residential density and allows retail activity on the premises.

This increase would also raise the value of the property, making it ripe for resale.

In short, this corporation, based in Denver, was looking to be rewarded for years of making the citizens of Towson miserable, and its police force stretched.

So, we say: "No thanks, Aimco, come back later with a plan that will improve Towson, not destroy it."

Trish Mayhugh, president, Riderwood Hills Community Association


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