NOAA improves hourly forecasting with new model

May 14, 2012|By Scott Dance

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration earlier this month launched a more accurate weather forecast model it says improves predictions of quickly developing severe weather, and it was developed in part in Maryland. 

The model is called “Rapid Refresh” and was developed at NOAA centers in Camp Springs and Boulder, Colo.

Like its predecessor, it will adjust forecasts hourly based on changing conditions, but it will use a more advanced weather prediction model that has shown to more accurately pinpoint areas of severe weather.

NOAA tested the system for nearly two years at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction in Prince George's County, and it proved to give equal or better predictions of conditions like winds and precipitation.

The system also extends beyond its predecessor's reach, to Alaska, where hourly forecasting can be vital in aviation.

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