Rebuilding a life after a loved one's suicide

May 13, 2012

Thank you for publishing the courageous story of Regina Friend and her pride in the achievements of her son before he committed suicide last year ("Mother 'closing loop' for her son after his suicide," May 10).

Ms Friend's story was a particular gift to me as this is the 11th anniversary of the death of my husband, Jerry, by suicide. Although Roswell Friend was much younger than Jerry, they shared many of the same characteristics — friend and inspiration to many, creative, focused on the future. Meanwhile, Ms. Friend's journey through this tumultuous time shared many similarities with mine.

I attended a support group for survivors of suicide for 11 years. Although the group changes, the strength and hope that we receive from each other are life-affirming. I hope that everyone who has lost a loved one to suicide will become a member of such a group, whether online or in person, to join with others who have walked in their shoes.

Tobi Bloomberg, Timonium

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