God will punish President Obama for endorsing same-sex marriage

May 12, 2012

I listened to President Obama's decision to back gay marriage with disbelief and disappointment ("Obama endorses gay marriage," May 10). As someone who voted for him in the hope he would be a great leader, I am dismayed that he lacks the moral fortitude to lead.

I am neither Democrat or Republican. I vote for who I perceive is the best person for leadership. I was fooled once, but I won't get fooled again.

Mr. Obama, who has on numerous occasions said that he is Christian, apparently believes that the Bible was written only for some of us and not all. God has clearly said that He is against same-sex marriages. Whether one believes or not, God holds us accountable and expects us to follow his laws.

I am truly amazed that Mr. Obama and supporters of same-sex marriage like to point out that the Bible says that God is love and loves everyone. However, they conveniently leave out that while He loves us all, He hates sin. If the Bible is truth, then what God says, He means.

One day, Mr. Obama will face His creator and have to explain his actions. Somehow, I just don't believe he will be able to make a convincing argument.

Fred D. Murray, Pikesville

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