The far right will say anything to discredit President Obama

May 12, 2012

Contrary to the views expressed by a recent letter in The Sun, President Obama absolutely deserves credit for ridding the world of Osama bin Laden ("SEALs, not Obama, deserve credit for bin Laden death," March 9).

To criticize President Obama for acknowledging his role in that undertaking hardly deserves a response. However, it has become clear that if those of us who see the hypocrisy of the far right don't push back we are all destined for a future controlled by bullies. I am reminded of the saying that when the shameless compete with the spineless, the shameless always win.

Certainly, we can all recognize the SEALs deserve credit for their amazing professionalism in carrying out the mission that brought the world's No. 1 terrorist to justice. However, we also recognize that the mission wouldn't have been executed had not President Obama made the call.

Let's be very clear: If the mission had failed, the president would have had to take the blame. The far right would have painted him as weak and lacking in judgment, and his presidency would have been effectively over a year ago.

Those of us who have become disgusted with the unfair attacks on this president are voicing our concerns privately about the hypocrisy that dominates the public debate. But our whispered conversations are no match for the very loud voices on the far right. We need to speak up and push back. We can't remain silent.

Michele Speaks-March, Baltimore

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