It's a bet Maryland pols will get it wrong on slots

May 12, 2012

Kudos to Dan Rodricks' hilarious column on gambling at National Harbor ("On slots, a deal's a deal, baby," May 10).

Under one-party rule in the city and State House, a deal's good only until an elected official thinks of another way to spend money. There are rarely any political consequences when our monopoly government reneges. A deal's just what you do to lure the suckers; once in, they're ready to be fleeced.

Make a bricks-and-mortar investment here? Watch you property taxes rise over time. Roll up your sleeves, go deep into hock, and get that degree so you might someday qualify for a six-figure income? Get ready to be demonized as a one-percenter and taxed more heavily in the interests of fairness. Build a business, create some jobs, and eventually start banking some profits? Well, you get the idea.

Mr. Rodricks has been around long enough to know all this, of course. No doubt his tongue was firmly in cheek when he suggested our pols would do the honorable thing — or even the economically wise thing — with respect to slots. LOL, Dan. Thanks.

Steve Walters, Baltimore

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