Does this remind you of Seacrets?

  • An exterior shot of Caribbean Secrets, the restaurant being sued by Ocean City's Seacrets for trademark infringement.
An exterior shot of Caribbean Secrets, the restaurant being… (Sam Sessa, Baltimore Sun )
May 11, 2012|By Wesley Case, The Baltimore Sun

Midnight Sun alum Sam Sessa and I were both unfamiliar with Caribbean Secrets, the defendant in the trademark infringement lawsuit filed by Ocean City's Seacrets. So Sam drove by the restaurant on South Hanover Street earlier this week and snapped the above photo.

I'm going to present this without much comment, but will point out Seacrets' lawsuit states: "The continued use of the CARIBBEAN SECRETS mark by Defendant in connection with its restaurant is likely to cause confusion or mistake as to the source or origin of those services, thereby misleading and/or deceiving consumers in the State of Maryland and elsewhere."

If you drove past the Baltimore restaurant, would you connect it to the Ocean City mega-complex? Or is this, as Midnight Sun commenter gatkinso said on the previous post, "a frivolous suit"?

Let us know in the comments.

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