'Revenge' recap: The suspense is back!

It's time to step back in time 10 years.

  • Henry Czerny and Madeleine Stowe toast to 2002.
Henry Czerny and Madeleine Stowe toast to 2002. (Colleen Hayes/ABC )
May 10, 2012|By Meagan O'Neill

Well it seems as though the writers of heard my whining here in Baltimore, because for the second week in a row "Revenge" reminded me of the show I fell in love with in the fall.

The plotting and suspense is back in full force, and the previews for the next two weeks have me believing this season will certainly be ending on a high note. 

This week "Revenge" took a step back in time — New Years 2002 — to give us some more background on the tangled web of Hamptonites backstabbing. The night has been referenced before, starting with the picture in Lydia’s apartment, but this episode we realized how many influential things happened that evening.

First, Mason Treadwell gave Victoria the picture of David Clarke (did that bother anyone else last week that Charlotte had a picture of him in prison?). It also is when Lydia got David Clarke’s old house, and began her affair with Conrad. Nolan has his first foray in attempting to befriend Jack, and Frank Stevens killed a man without showing an ounce of guilt.

We also saw what pushed Amanda to begin her revenge seeking against the Graysons (both the passionate plea from Nolan to read the journals and Jack Halstead’s murder), though it still baffles me that Jack would go to a party where he despises everyone there.

The flashback also gave us a nice image of what everyone looked like 10 years ago, and the most noticeable differences were in the hair. First of all, Jack! The long wavy hair ... let’s just say the past decade has done him well.

Then there was Conrad’s dark hair (though when Lydia was kissing him the view from the back was still gray!), and finally Emily’s dark hair, which looked suspiciously similar to the wig she wore two episodes ago sneaking around New York City bars.

And the top lines of the night:

“I’m afraid all I could afford was a fixer” – David Clarke, please don’t play the poor card when purchasing a gigantic house on a large, beachfront lot in one of the most expensive towns in the country.

“What are you coveting, sweetie? Is it the Dolce or what’s underneath it?” – I’m glad Lydia called out Amanda on being a total creeper

“You are despicable” – Why did Victoria lean in as if she was going to kiss Mason Treadwell and then threaten him while holding his head?

Next week is New Year’s 2012 – the 10 year anniversary of tonight’s episode, and it will be very interesting to see just how far everyone has come.

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