Brass Elephant property space will reopen as The Museum

May 10, 2012|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

The dormant liquor license has been reactivated at 924 North Charles Street, the former home of the Brass Elephant. The approval came at Thursday's meeting of the Baltimore City Liquor License Board. Within a few weeks, the property will reopen as The Museum, according to the board's president Stephan Fogelman.

Faced with opposition from neighborhood groups, attempts to reactivate the license stalled in February, when Charles Street Restaurant, Inc., the holding company that operated the Brass Elephant, asked the liquor board for a postponement. 

On the eve of the February hearing, however, the association sent its members an email listing concerns about the plans for the property, particularly the inclusion of live entertainment.

"In a predominantly residential neighborhood, we don't need another lounge at this location," the Mount Vernon Belvedere Association wrote in a letter to the liquor board. "Within one block today are six nightclub/lounges plus five restaurant-bars."

Live entertainment was dropped from The Museum's plans, and the Mount Vernon-Belvedere Association took no position on the license's reactivation at Thursday’s meeting. 

Known for its fine northern Italian cuisine and elegant atmosphere, the Brass Elephant closed in August 2009.









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