Lawnmower accidents common in the summer

Tips to keep your children safe while doing yard work

May 09, 2012|By Andrea K. Walker

I wrote today about a 5-year-old Harford County girl who lost her feet after her father accidently backed into her with a lawn mower.

It is an accident that could have been prevented, but one that is not all that  uncommon in the summer months.

Parents are out doing yard work while kids play nearby creating a bad mix.

Lawn mower injuries are the leading cause of amputations in adolescents, according to the Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

Most injuries occur because the mower doesn't realize the child is behind them and backs over them.

Hopkins has these tips for parents as the summer yard work season begins:

1. Keep children under age 6 indoors while a power mower is operating

2. Let no children under 12 use a walk-behind mower

3. Keep children under 16 off ride-on mowers, even with a parent

4. Turn off the mower immediately if you see a child running toward you. Children can fall and slip into the blade.

5. Wear protective goggles and close-toed shoes when operataing a mower or near one

6. Clean the lawn of debris such as sticks and stones before mowing so they don't get stuck in the blade and propel out

7. Call 911 right away if an injury occurs. Apply pressure to the wound to stop bleeding

8. Buy mowers with a no-reverse safety measure that includes an override switch requiring driver to turn around before backing up.




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