Tales from the Homefront

  • The Kelber family, shortly after Sgt. Judah Kelber returned to Washington, D.C., after a deployment to Afghanistan and a few days of out-processing in North Carolina.
The Kelber family, shortly after Sgt. Judah Kelber returned… (Family photo )
May 09, 2012|By Sarah Kickler Kelber | The Baltimore Sun

In my household, we're in search of the new normal, whatever that is. The past year has been one of transition, upheaval, limbo … but that's coming to an end now, at least we hope so.

Last spring, my husband’s Marine Corps Reserve unit mobilized to deploy to Afghanistan. Between April and August, he was in and out of training, some in D.C., some in Quantico, nearly a month in California. Then in August, he left for seven months in Afghanistan, leaving me to solo parent our 3-year-old son. In late December, I went on maternity leave and had our second son at the end of the year. My husband came home in March, and after some leave, returned to his IT job in April.

Now, today, it's my turn to get back to the office full time, too.

Part of what I will be doing at The Sun now is this blog, which will delve into parenting and family issues, sometimes through the post-deployment lens, examining our journey toward a new routine and a new life as a family of four, since that is what is informing so much of my own experience at the moment.

But we'll certainly be talking about more general parenting issues, too. And I do mean "we"; I hope you’ll take part in a conversation here.

Let's talk!

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