My post-maternity leave back-to-work to-do list

May 09, 2012|By Sarah Kickler Kelber | The Baltimore Sun

Now that I'm back in the office full time after a few months of maternity leave, I've got to reorient my thinking and remember how to act when I’m around adults more often.

I also need to return to my workplace habit of making to-do lists to stay organized.

To that end, here’s the Top 8 things I need to stop doing now that I’m back in the office:

1. Going to the bathroom with the door open so I can hear whether anyone is crying or up to any mischief. (Or both.)

2. Corollary: Announcing that I'm going "potty" now.

3. Going "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" as loud as I can whenever anyone starts acting upset.

4. Asking people if they're sure they've washed their hands after they use the bathroom.

5. Wiping schmutz off people's faces. If coworkers have ink on their faces, I just need to leave it, not go after it with a tissue. (At least we have the excuse of being ink-stained wretches.)

6. Walking around with a spit-up blanket on my shoulder. Necessary at home, but not a professional look.

7. Speaking gibberish in a high-pitched voice trying to elicit a laugh.

8. Talking to myself without a filter during the day since the only person around during those hours is 4 months old and has no clue what I’m saying. (She wrote, hopefully.)

But colleagues, you're on notice: For the past month, the baby has been laughing at nearly everything I've said. If you laugh at my jokes, my back-to-work transition should go a lot more smoothly. For all of us.

Now are you sure you don't need to go potty?


Please tell me I'm not alone. What maternity/paternity leave habits have you had to give up once you returned to office life?

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