What they're saying about the Orioles

May 08, 2012|By Kevin Cowherd | The Baltimore Sun

A look at what some other media outlets have to say about the Orioles:

* Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News gave the Orioles the top spot in the newspaper's power rankings before the O's were trounced 14-3 by the Texas Rangers  on Monday night:

“OK, this thing with the Orioles is getting out of hand. After sweeping the maybe-they-really-are-just-cruddy Red Sox at Fenway over the weekend, they have the best record in baseball at 19-9, a half-game better than the Rays, and they are sending shock waves through our MLB Power Rankings this week.

“Move over, George Jefferson, the O’s are the ones moving up now, all the way to the top spot. Listen, we may be silly sometimes, but we know how to read an omen when we see one, and the one where the winning pitcher is a DH who can’t H, well, that’s meaningful. That’s what Chris Davis did in Baltimore’s wild 9-6 victory over Boston in 17 innings Sunday.”

*  SB Nation’s Grant Brisbee weighed in on the Orioles’ marathon win in Boston and wasn’t afraid to use the e-word:

“Somewhere along the way, the word epic lost its potency. But on Sunday there was an epic baseball game. You don’t have to feel shame if you want to use the word. Epic. There were Trojans and Achaens and Cyclopses and gods and demigods and triumphs and defeats. Seventeen Innings. And two position players pitching.

“Two position players pitching.”

* Joe Lemire of SI.com calls the Orioles “undoubtedly the most surprising team in the sport” and adds:

“They remain a major long shot to even contend for a playoff spot – consider last year’s Indians, for instance, who had baseball’s best record at 30-15 yet finished below .500 and 11 games out of the wild card race – but they are starting to get interesting.

"... Baltimore is 7-5 in games against the Blue Jays and Yankees – their only two opponents with winning records this year – so it’s not like they’ve only been padding their schedule against struggling clubs. Then again, the Orioples haven’t had a winning record since 1997 and last lost fewer than 90 games in 2005, so even if they were racking up all their wins against the bottom-feeders, it would still be noreworthy.”

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