Bealefeld's leadership will be missed

May 08, 2012

If MayorStephanie Rawlings-Blakeexpects to increase the city's population by 10,000 in the coming years, she better hope she finds someone of the same caliber as Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld ("Bealefeld to step down," May 4). With defense attorneys and community activists bemoaning his zero tolerance policy, he held his ground.

This city is infested with crime other than murder. Residents don't flee to the suburbs because the city is no longer enjoyable, they leave because of crime and high taxes. Although not always politically correct, Mr. Bealefeld went after the "bad guys with guns" and the "knuckleheads." He addressed our most pressing issues fervently and with candor. He set out to clean up the department, which obviously needed it.

I, for one, will miss his leadership. Hopefully, Mr. Bealefeld will stay in public service in some capacity. For my money, you can put another statue right next to Willy Don — that of the Honorable Frederick H. Bealefeld.

Bob Zimmerman, Baltimore

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