Harder for Americans to get health insurance, report says

May 08, 2012|Andrea K. Walker

Americans in almost every state are finding it harder to get basic health services, according to a report released today by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Access to healthcare from 2000 to 2010 has declined in 42 states, especially for the uninsured the study found.

Nationally, the share of adults who have not been able to meet medical needs because they can't afford care rose 6 percentage point to 18.7 percent.

In Maryland, the number of people who found it too expensive to get care increased 5.1 percentage in the decade to 15.4 percent. About 530,000 adults in the state could not meet their medical needs.

Uninsured adults in Maryland were 45.5 percentage points more likely than insured not able to afford care.

The share of adults in the state who visited a dentist decreased 3.2 percentage point to 71.7percent during the time period.

The authors of the report said they believe the problem will get worse if provisions in the health care reform law are ruled unconstitutional.

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